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Deborah’s Ten Steps to Success
Congratulations! You’re going to have an embroidery business. Regardless how much or how little business you do, a subscription making Deborah Jones your business mentor helps assure that you have a professional presentation. Your work is your signature, but there is a lot more to having a successful business than doing good work. Here’s how Deborah can help you begin at the beginning to create a professional image for your company.

Step One: Identify Your Niche
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, states, “By definition, a business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers.” Deborah will help you identify a niche market where you have familiarity with the products and the audience. Don’t bypass this basic step in favor of a “shotgun approach.” Take aim and be successful.

Step Two: Make a Business Plan
Your business will need a plan and a budget. Deborah will help you decide where you are going and help you make a plan to get there. Your business plan may change many times during the life of your business, but starting with a plan is the foundation of any successful business.

Step Three: Name Your Business
What’s in a name? This early step is sometimes a mis-step that lives on throughout the life of the business. Deborah advises you about important factors in choosing a business name and what to avoid.

Step Four: The Business of Having a Business: Assumed Name Certificate, Resale Certificate and/or Business License, Merchant Accounts and other details.
Deborah will walk you through the steps in the proper order to make your dream business a reality. Preformatted order forms and other sales materials give you a head start.

Step Five: Design a Logo and have it digitized
A logo is a vital part of your business identity. Make sure that your logo will look good in print and in electronic media with Deborah’s tips.

Step Six: Select your Core Products
Control the sale and delivery time by offering reliable basics in a variety of price points. Deborah’s outline of products ranges from promotional to premium grade goods from quality suppliers.

Step Seven: Make a Basic Price Guide
Some people will tell you that embroidery has too many variables to have any kind of price guide. Your company’s price guide will help you make more sales and move through the sales process faster.

Step Eight: Create Sales Samples and Fine-tune Pricing
Your samples are the key to impressing your customer with your workmanship. Learn how to make and display samples that will get the sale.

Step Nine: Acquire Marketing Materials and Target Lists
When the prospective customer says, “Could you send me some literature?” how will you respond? Deborah will show you how you can have professional marketing materials, and if appropriate, a web site where you can direct prospects to see your products.

Step Ten: Learn to Qualify, Close and Collect
Even with all the other pieces in place, you must still close the sale. Learn how to identify good prospects, close the sale and get the money. Learn how to ask for the sale, handle deposits, get payment in advance or on delivery and more important sales and business skills.

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