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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this a good time to start a business?
A. Definitely. Owning your own business lets you take control and use your instincts and experience to create income. Here are some reasons that an embroidery business is particularly appealing.
  • Small capital investment
  • Does not require an outside labor force
  • Does not require a commercial location
  • Embroidery has a high value perception

Q. Will embroidery sell in a bad economy?
A. Embroidery has historically been popular in good and bad times. During an economic downturn, consumers may buy fewer apparel items, but they typically buy embellished apparel items. Business owners understand that embroidered identity apparel is their best advertising value. Traditional markets such as school and team business don’t diminish, so there is always business for the committed embroiderer.

Q. How can I compete with larger embroidery companies?
A. By being unique and focusing on service. You won’t be competing with large companies on price. You will succeed by charging prices that are relative to your service and quality.

Q. Do I need a commercial machine to be successful?
A. Not necessarily. Your best equipment package depends on your product. Many embroidery business owners have elected to use multiple home models rather than move to multi-needle models. Your product mix should dictate your equipment choice.

Q. Can I produce enough to make a living?
A. That’s the great thing about an embroidery business. You can control your clientele and pricing. For example, how much would you pay for a steak dinner? Steak dinners are sold at The Golden Corral and at Ruth’s Chris at very different price points. You just decide whether you want to be Golden Corral or Ruth’s Chris, or something in between.


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